It started with a childhood nickname & a dope Spotify playlist.

Basbousa is an Arabic pastry that came out of Egypt, but is also available through out the Middle East…annnd my wife’s nickname growing up.

We used to take several mini road trips in the Washington DC area, shukran ya corona, to visit friends and family.

I drive, she picks the music, and our friends in the back ululate. Her funky cool Spotify playlist earned her the full title, “DJ Basbousa”.

Now, that title has grown into a tiny online store that is more than just apparel + gifts.

DJB’s mission is to bring Middle Eastern pop culture from across the pond to Western audiences and out of the fear mongering talking points conservative outlets would like you to think otherwise.

Arabic isn’t scary.


  1. We strive to minimize negative impact on the environment;
  2. We support sustainable, safe, & ethical methods of material production;
  3. We seek to find voices that best speak to the experience of marginalization as a result of political conflict, colonization & displacement so that we may elevate awareness that motivates social change.
    And finally, DJB is about nostalgia for the Arab diaspora that is overseas studying, leading, protesting, surviving, and thriving.

A real melting pot (now pass the kofta)!

Care to join us?

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